Exo Terra Bulb – Ceramic Heat Emitter 100W


Heat emitter that does not emit light. Able to be used day and night, warming the ambient air temperature in the terrarium to promote growth and health

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Item: Exo Terra Bulb – Ceramic Heat Emitter 100W

Barcode: 015561220460

Details of Exo Terra Bulb – Ceramic Heat Emitter – 100W

  • 100% heat efficiencyceramic_heater_100w_2046_table
  • Emits a natural ‘sun-like’ infrared heat with a uniform patter
  • No light emitted, does not disturb normal photos periods (day/night)
  • Solid ceramic element suitable for humid environments
  • Penetrates scales and skin tissue, promoting health and healing

Can only be used with the specially designed Exo Terra Wire Light

Reptiles Suitable For Exo Terra Bulb – Ceramic Heat Emitter – 100W

  • Bearded Dragons
  • Carpet Pythons
  • Green Tree Frogs
  • Leopard-print Geckos
  • Many other species of snakes, geckos and reptiles

Exo Terra Bulb– Ceramic Heat Emitter – 100W For Sale Sydney

Feel free to come visit us in store as we always have Exo Terra Bulb – Ceramic Heat Emitter – 100W for sale in store at our online price, Petsville at 684 Botany Rd Alexandria 2015 NSW. Parking available out the front.

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