UBird Toy – Natural Swing Extra Large (30-35cm)


Unique Bird Toy Natural Swing Extra Large suitable for all large parrots from eclectus, amazons, cockatoos and macaws.

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Item: UBird Toy – Natural Swing Extra Large (30-35cm)


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At Petsville we have a bird specialist back ground and have one of the biggest ranges of natural bird products in the world, these natural swings, toys and perches are Australian and made from Australian Native trees.

Avoid long term problem, whether it’s arthritis, the result of an injury, a genetic deformity, or an amputation or just old age, we will strive to have the biggest range possible to facilitate and create the perfect environment for your feathered companion.

Our remedial solutions don’t stop at perching. You may need a toy and behavioural enrichment.

We are From bird specialist back grounds and are open minded, adaptable, forward thinking and no challenge is to big when it comes to offering a better quality of life for your feathered friend.

As part of our team have the benefit of harvesting and working all our own native Aussie trees, we can strive to adapt any recommendations that avian experts and passionate bird people want to see there birds use.


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Dimensions 35 x 5 x 5 cm

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