Urine Off Dog & Puppy 118ml


Urine Off Dog & Puppy is specifically formulated to remove odour and stain for dogs and puppies urine.

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Item: Urine Off Dog & Puppy 118ml

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Urine-Off Dog & Puppy is a high-performance, bio-enzymatic product developed specifically to remove dog & puppy urine, other urine stains and odours.

General usage principles of Urine-Off Dog & Puppy

  • Urine-Off must contact all urine deposits on or in the surface, however far these deposits may have soaked in. Different surfaces require different techniques.
  • Urine-Off must remain wet and in contact with the urine deposits long enough for the bio-enzymes to complete their work on the urine crystals.
  • In certain cases where deposits are heavy, very old, or other urine odor/stain products have been used, more than one Urine-Off treatment may be needed.

How Does Urine Off Dog & Puppy?

To understand how Urine Off Dog & Puppy works, it is important to know a little about urine. Urine, whether human or animal, has three main components.

  1. Urea, a slightly sticky substance;
  2. Urochrome, gives urine its yellow color
  3. Uric Acid, is a mild acid, rich in nitrogen.

Uric acid contains non-soluble salt crystals, which present the biggest challenge to removing urine from surfaces and fabrics.

The first two components can be washed away with ordinary cleaning and commercially-available urine odor products, but the uric acid crystals are extremely insoluble and remain tightly bonded to the surface. After initial cleaning and drying with ordinary products, it may appear that the problem is solved. However, any type of moisture will reactivate those remaining crystals and the smell returns, as strong as ever.

There are a number of urine odor products available to the retail customer. Most are composed of surfactants (detergents) and a masking agent. A few also employ enzymes and some use alcohol as a solvent. Still others are chemicals, whose molecules encapsulate, or coat, the urine molecules “seal in” the odor. The shortcomings of these approaches are that the odor is usually addressed only temporarily, and the stain most times not at all. None appear to have success with old, dried urine deposits.

In the case of pets, the problem is compounded because of their territory-marking behavior and their very acute sense of smell. Even when the urine odor has been rendered imperceptible to humans, animals detect it and are compelled to re-apply their own scent! So once an animal has “gone” in one spot, they frequently return to it again and again, no matter what we do.

But now… there is Urine OffnDog & Puppy. The enzymes in UO are specifically developed to work in combination with our specially adapted microorganisms (bacteria) that actually “eat” the uric acid crystals, in addition to removing the other components of urine. Effectively removing these crystals is what distinguishes Urine Off Dog & Puppy from the rest of the products we’ve tested.

With the source of the odor AND the stain removed, the problem is solved. Urine Off Dog & Puppy has a pleasant citrus fragrance and even that disappears when the product dries.

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