Vetafarm HerpaBed – Odour Eating Desert Sand 10kg


Vetafarm Herpabed is Central Australian red desert sand with natural  minerals that eliminate toxins and absorb bad odours.

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Item: Vetafarm HerpaBed – Odour Eating Desert Sand 10kg

Barcode: 9317657501257

Vetafarm HerpaBed Odour Eating Desert Sand is a natural desert sand and calcium sands for use as substrate.

Vetafarm HerpaBed Recommended for:

All reptiles as an odour and bacteria resistant sand substrate

Vetafarm HerpaBed Key features

Effectively absorbs bad odours and ammonia. High quality substrates that last longer and have a stronger visual impact.

Vetafarm HerpaBed for Sale Sydney

Feel free to visit us, as we always have Vetafarm HerpaBed in store at our online price, Petsville at 684 Botany Rd Alexandria 2015 NSW. Parking available out the front.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 45 x 30 x 20 cm

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