Vetafarm HerpaShed 100mL


Vetafarm HerpaShed is a shedding Mist with Skin Conditioner. It assists in natural shedding, hydrates and conditions new skin.

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Item: Vetafarm HerpaShed 100mL

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Vetafarm HerpaShed is a hedding mist for reptiles. A blend of cosmeceuticals to aid the hydration and shedding of reptile skin.

Indications: Assists in the hydration of reptile skin to allow easy shedding. Leaves the new skin with a healthy sheen.

Vetafarm HerpaShed is Recommended for:

All reptiles as a shedding aid.

Vetafarm HerpaShed Key features

Hydrates reptile skin. Softens and lifts sloughing skin from reptiles. Conditions and leaves new skin with a healthy sheen. Helps to prevent shedding issues such as constricted toes in lizards and retained spectacles in snakes.

Direction for HerpaShed

Shake well before use.

Lightly spray your reptile with Vetafarm HerpaShed once daily while shedding.

Vetafarm HerpaShed for Sale Sydney

Feel free to visit us, as we always have Vetafarm HerpaShed in store at our online price, Petsville at 684 Botany Rd Alexandria 2015 NSW. Parking available out the front.

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