Vetafarm Lorikeet Nectar Pellets 2kg


Vetafarm Nectar Pellets is a low sugar complete diet for all Lori’s and Lorikeets. It effectively stops Lori’s and Lorikeets from “squirting” messy droppings and is formulated nutrition – Designed by Avian Vets.

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Item: Vetafarm Lorikeet Nectar Pellets 2kg

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Vetafarm Nectar Pellets a completely balanced extruded pellet diet specifically designed to meet the particular dietary needs of Loris and Lorikeets.

Vetafarm Nectar Pellets is Recommended for:

Australian and Exotic Loris and Lorikeets, especially suited to pet birds in mess sensitive areas but is also used in aviary birds to reduce mess and waste.

Vetafarm Nectar Pellets Key Feature

Significantly reduces mess, waste and cost of feeding Loris and Lorikeets.

Effectively stops Loris and Lorikeets from squirting messy droppings. Low sugar diet containing scientifically balanced nutrition replicating the diet Lori and Lorikeets eat naturally.

Vetafarm Nectar Pellets keeps Loris and Lorikeets in a healthy weight range. Supports breeding birds and ensures optimum nutrition for young. Supplies all essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and calcium for a long healthy life. Apple flavoured for an attractive taste.

Directions for Vetafarm Nectar Pellets

For complete nutrition in your birds: Vetafarm Diets should make up approximately 80% of the food fed.

There are specific Vetafarm Diets available to suit most species of bird. Vetafarm pellets, crumbles or powders should be fed in a clean, dry dish placed where it cannot be contaminat ed by droppings, water or cage substrate. If the feed does become contaminated it should be replaced with fresh feed.

When a Vetafarm Diet is used as the majority (80%) of the feed, no other prepared supplement is required. All the necessary protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are incorporated into the Vetafarm Diet designed for your bird.

How much will your bird eat?

As a guide, most cage and aviary birds will consume about 10% of their bodyweight in dry feed per day. As an example, a 100g cockatiel will consume approximately 10g of dry food per day. Fruits and Vegetables: Fruit and Vegetables should be fed to your bird (20% of diet) to encourage interaction and provide variety and stimulation. Chewable items like pine cones, cuttlefish bone, and native tree branches may be provided to help occupy your bird.

Using Vetafarm Nectar Pellets foods as a supplement:

Vetafarm Diets can also be used as a supplement to seed based or homemade mixtures. Provide Vetafarm Diets as approximately 10 – 20 % of the total diet. Ensure that the Vetafarm Pellet, crumble or powder is being consumed. Further supplementation may be required depending on the seed/mixture used.

Vetafarm Nectar Pellets for Sale Sydney

Feel free to visit us, as we always have Vetafarm Nectar Pellets in store at our online price, Petsville at 684 Botany Rd Alexandria 2015 NSW. Parking available out the front.

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