Zoo Med Repti Bark Chips 8 Quart


Zoo Med Repti Bark 8 Quarts is the perfect substrate for any humidity enclosure. Made from the ground bark of fig trees, it is 100% nature and absorbs then slowly releases moisture into the air.

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Item: Zoo Med Repti Bark Chips 8 Quart

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Zoo Med Repti Bark Chips 8 Quart is made from the ground bark of fir trees. The perfect substrate for humidity loving reptiles such as geckos and water dragons due to its ability to absorb moisture and then release it into the terrarium.

Using Zoo Med Repti Bark Chips 8 QuartZoo Med Repti Bark Chips Example

Zoo Med Repti Bark Chips 8 Quart go best in a 40L tank. The smaller chips provide better moisture retention while preventing live food from hiding in your substrate. Naturally decorative, Repti Bark provides your terrarium with that tropical rainforest look.

When using Repti Bark can be washed and reused by soaking it in warm water every 2-3 months. This removes all waste products keeping the Repti Bark fresh and healthy.

Zoo Med Repti Bark Chips 8 Quart For Sale Sydney

Feel free to come visit us in store as we always have Zoo Med Repti Bark Chips 8 Quart for sale in store at our online price, Petsville at 684 Botany Rd Alexandria 2015 NSW. Parking available out the front.

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